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Trips for Phillies Vacations


"Everything was first class and done well."

George -Spring Training - 2020

"For 1st timers it was fun getting to know other Phillies fans. And meeting Roman Quinn and Scotty Palmer. The cruise was the Best! Also we saw the Phillies win all 3 games!"

Mary Lou -Spring Training - 2020

"This was a fantastic trip. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are hoping to be able to come along with you all next year. Peter did a most excellent job organizing everything. Thank you so much."

Ricky and Lauren -Phillies to Cancun - 2020

"We enjoyed going to the Hall of Fame, the brunch with the announcers, the victory on Saturday, and mingling with the other Phillies vacation guests."

John -Cleveland Road Trip - 2019

"The brunch with Q&A with Charlie and Larry was really special. I enjoyed the tour of the training complex and learned a lot. Safety Harbor is a great town with lots going on and it’s very convenient to the ballpark. I wish my seats were always in the shade! The Friday game was in the shade and that was perfect."

Emily -Spring Training - 2019

"Going to the ball park and watching the games; meeting new Phillies fans and seeing people from other trips again. Dinner cruise was great. Hotel was wonderful."

Glenda -Senior Trip to Spring Training - 2019